Blasting Equipment

CRW Finishing, Inc is a proud distributor of Econoline Abrasive Products, Blast-it-All and Gibson Parts & Equipment for Abrasive Air Blasting and Abrasive Airless Blasting equipment. Selecting the right equipment depends upon the size, shape, and volume of work to be blasted; the level of automation required and the desired surface finish.


Abrasive Airless Blasting is the process where shot, glass or other abrasive is thrown from a rapidly rotating wheel onto the work to be cleaned. The throwing action is achieved through a centrifugal force.

This equipment is typically used for descaling, shot peening, deburring, or for the removal of sand, rust or paint. CRW offers a wide range of Airless Blasting Equipment manufactured by Gibson Parts and Equipment including:

Gibson Tumble Blaster Brochure

Gibson Table Blaster Brochure

Gibson Hanger Blaster Brochure

Gibson Spinner Blaster Brochure

Gibson tumble Blaster


Abrasive Air Blasting is the process of propelling loose abrasive media with compressed air against a work surface. This process can be used for a wide range of applications including cleaning and, or shot degreasing, rust and scale removal, cosmetic finishing peening to improve fatigue life of a part.

CRW offers a wide range of Air Blasting Equipment manufactured by Econoline Abrasive Products, and Blast-It-All including:

  • Suction and Pressure Blast Cabinets
  • Blast and Recovery Systems
  • Dust Collectors

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