Floor Cleaning Compounds

Floor Cleaning CompoundsWhere to Use

#4101 Neutral pH Cleaner

#4101 Neutral pH Cleaner is a versatile multi-surface cleaner with a near neutral pH of 7. It is synergized with fast acting ingredients to optimize penetrating and oil emulsifying. Complete rinsing leaves the surface deposit free. #4101 Neutral pH Cleaner can be used in automatic floor scrubbers and pressure washer applications. Its versatility allows you to use one product for all your cleaning needs including “spray and wipe” and “mop and bucket” applications.

Clean floors & walls of garages, warehouses, industrial and printing plants, municipalities, repair shops, stores, engines, cars and light trucks, schools, offices, etc.

#5773 Heavy Duty Degreaser

#5773 Heavy Duty Degreaseris a concentrated liquid cleaner formulated for heavy duty use. Heavy grease and grime are emulsified on contact while rust inhibitors protect ferrous surfaces. #5773 Heavy Duty Degreaser is excellent to use in floor scrubbing machines to remove grease, baked on carbons, soot, gums, resins, oils, carbon deposits, dyes and ink. Has a quick rinsing action that allows for a residue free surface.

Food plants, canneries, rendering houses, restaurants, factories, shipping & receiving areas, manufacturing plants, automotive garages, etc.

#5766 Factory Floor Cleaner

#5766 Factory Floor Cleaner is an alkaline degreaser engineered for cleaning sealed and unsealed floors without generating foam for easy vacuuming or rinsing. It instantly emulsifies grease and grime leaving a streak free finish. Factory Floor Cleaner can also be used to neutralize concrete etching compounds.

Degreasing hard surface floors in heavy industrial applications such as mills, automotive plants, heavy manufacturing plants, or garages.

#1147 Citrus Chisel

#1147 Citrus Chisel is a concentrated blend of citrus oil extract, glycol ether, propriety surfactants and water conditioner. Citrus Chisel is designed to remove grease, oil, inks, adhesives, tar, asphalt, animal fats and a variety of difficult to remove soils including tire marks. When diluted it is safe to use on painted surfaces and aluminum, magnesium, and other types of metal. Its low foaming characteristics make it easy to rinse. It deodorizes and leaves a fresh citrus scent.

Stamping plants, printing plants, heavy manufacturing, steel mills, and treatment plants. Specific applications include plants with heavy fork truck traffic, concrete.