Parts Washing Equipment

CRW Finishing, Inc is a proud distributor of JenFab Cleaning Solutions Parts Washing Equipment.

They manufacture both standard and custom cleaning systems, industrial part washers, solvent-free parts washers, and metal parts cleaning equipment. The JENFAB product line includes vertical agitation immersion washers, automotive parts washers, belt conveyor spray washers, ultrasonic degreasers, ultrasonic cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. They also offer a full line of cellular parts washers for lean manufacturing work cells and one-piece flow part cleaning.


The LeanClean 360 Series of Rotary Basket Industrial Parts Washers reduces process time by combining agitation, ultrasonics, high-pressure spraying and multiple high volume air slots for faster drying in one machine.

This machine features:

  • Small footprint: 3.5′ wide by 5.6′ deep
  • Efficient and economical
  • Available in several models that handle from 1 to 8 baskets of parts at time
  • Meets most cleanliness specs

The Mini Belt Conveyor Spray Washer is the most versatile, compact, energy-efficient conveyorized spray washer available. The flexible design offers up to three tanks for washing, rinsing, and rust prevention/sealing. The energy-efficient dryer incorporates a regenerative blow off with stainless steel air knives. The tanks and housing are 304 stainless steel for longer life and lower maintenance.

  • Custom configurations & multiple options available
  • Can be designed to be mobile
  • Belt width ranges from 6″ to 12″

Rotary Drum Parts Washers are the most economical method for continuous cleaning of stamped parts; deep drawn, screw machine parts, cold headed, die-cast and ground parts. Parts are cleaned by a dual-action process that uses a powerful spray cleaning action for scrubbing the exterior surfaces combined with immersion cleaning parts under solution for flushing the inside of blind holes, hollow and tubular parts.

  • Mini Drum: economical, up to 20 cubic feet of parts per hour.
  • Mid Size: heavy-duty, 30 to 60 cubic feet of parts per hour
  • High Capacity: high volume, 60 to 300 cubic feet of parts per hour

Jenfab Cleaning Solutions brings the very best to customers in parts washers, dip tank agitation washers, industrial belt washers, and immersion cleaning systems. We manufacture both standard and custom automatic parts washers to suit your exact needs. Their heavy-duty industrial parts washers can handle even the toughest cleaning application.JRI’s line of high quality, efficient and powerful parts washers are available in many configurations including Front Load, Top Load, and Tumbler style.

  • The PCS line of parts cleaning equipment has evolved into the finest cleaning system that your money can buy. This system not only provides precision cleaning, but also reliability that makes these systems a keystone in the world of cabinet cleaning systems.
    Choose from one of the most diverse product offerings in the marketplace with over 17 standard models to choose from, and custom units with turntable diameters up to 120” and weight capacities up to 50,000 pounds.
  • JRI’s Vertical Door washer is the best solution for cellular washing or a wash bay that is short on space. This door orientation allows for the elimination of the swing-out door that might impede on the working area of a cell.
    The Vertical door unit can be manufactured in sizes ranging from 25” to 72” and can be made with or without a turntable. Units that are lacking a turntable are good for one-piece flow with a high production volume. The washer can be tailored to clean that specific part quickly and efficiently. These units can house multiple stages to wash, rinse and dry your parts in a small compact footprint.
  • JRI’s TL (Top Load) line of equipment is perfect for cellular washing or for those installations that need a highly value-added cleaning process in a small space. JRI offers top loaders ranging in size from a 21″ turntable to 72″ turntable as standard models, and up to 120” turntable on custom washers.
    Available standard with vertical pumps, mechanical door seals, sprocket drive system, (as opposed to troublesome tire or chain drive systems) and industrial electrical controls. These systems can include stainless steel construction options, rinse stages, and blow-off stages.