Wastewater Treatment Supplies


CRW Finishing, Inc offers a unique On-Site Wastewater Treatment Solution based on Flocculant Technology partnered with Ringwood Environmental’s Wastewater Treatment Equipment

CETCO Oilfield Services RM-10® line of bentonite clay-based products allow a safe, simple, and economical means for pre-treatment and disposal. These industrial wastewater treatment products treat industrial waste streams on-site in one simple step; giving you a low cost alternative to off-site treatment.

Wastewater Treatment as simple as it should be…


  • Heavy Metals Removal
  • Ceramic Slurry Treatment
  • Coolants, Die-casting & Dye Penetrants
  • Fats, Oil & Grease Removal – including waste machine oil coolant
  • Filter Press Systems
  • Metal Finishing, Parts Washing
  • Sludge Thickening and Conditioning DAF (dissolved Air Flotation)
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Tank Washing
  • Vacuum Drum System
  • Vibratory De-Burring


  • Clarifies wastewater
  • Turns hazardous & general industrial wastewater into clean water and a non-hazardous sludge cake
  • Removes oil, grease, heavy metals, and suspended solids
  • Dries sludge for transport, locking up hazardous components to pass the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) Test Procedure or solidifies hazardous liquids for disposal
  • Removes soluble organics and soluble metals
  • Removes trace metals and allows resulting floc to settle faster and releases water for drier sludge cakes

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