Accelerated Isotropic Finishing

“Accelerated Isotropic Finishing”, also known in the industry as “micro-finishing” or “isotropic super-finishing”, is the process of rapidly reducing the surface roughness and providing an isotropic finish to a part.

Used in traditional vibratory finishing equipment, Quick Cut accelerant is used and works by producing a controlled oxidation and protective layer on a work piece, to a depth of only a few microns. Media in the vibratory equipment, removes the oxidized layer of surface highpoints while leaving the low points intact. This is continuously repeated by the Quick Cut chemistry and process. The end result is a rapid achievement of an extremely refined, isotropic finish measuring as low as 0.5 Ra.

Quick Cut II has been successful in various industries including:

  • Adaptive Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Bearing
  • Hand Tools
  • Medical

And has provided such benefits as:

  • Superior Aesthetics
  • Larger Radiuses
  • Resistance to Corrosion
  • Superior Pre-plate Finishes
  • Longer Part Life
  • Reduction in Part Fatigue

A recent case study by CRW Finishing, put Quick Cut II to the test. A manufacturer of gears requested that the “Ring and Pinion” sets provided have the Ra reduced from as high as 60 Ra to 18 Ra or below and have an isotropic finish. This is turn would reduce the parts metal to metal friction, reducing excessive heat buildup and increasing the part’s overall life.

The total process took less than two and a half hours to achieve the results beyond the client’s expectations. The below chart shows the before and after process, surface readings.

PartPinion Ra PriorPinion Ra PostRing Ra PriorRing Ra Post

This is only one of many case studies that have definitively proven the success of Rotofinish’s Quick Cut II accelerant. With the proof in the results, CRW Finishing is proud to offer this innovative solution as another tool your success in mass finishing!

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