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Vibratory Deburring Equipment

CRW Finishing, Inc is a proud distributor of Hammond Roto-Finish & Abrasive Finishing Inc. Vibratory Finishing Machinery in both bowl and tub styles for deburring, surface finishing, burnishing, washing/cleaning, preplate finishing, polishing, drying and radiusing. Call us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Standard Bowls

Standard Bowls -Hammond Roto-Finish's bowl vibrators for batch processing are specifically designed to deburr, burnish, wash, polish or dry. They are available in various styles and sizes ranging from 1 to 100 cubic feet.

ST Series This desktop vibe unit is ideal for small pieces with conventional media or part on part applications. With almost all of the same features as the HR and Gemini Series, the ST-1 is a 110-volt unit, capable of turning heavy medias or gentle enough to finish soft metals. Versatility and good value are among the key benefits of the ST-1.

PDF ST-1 Brochure (PDF - 4.09MB)

Gemini SeriesThe Gemini Series is designed non-steel media applications. By keeping the Gemini design simple, we can keep the cost lower and more competitive, as well as a shorter delivery time. The Gemini Series machines are available as an un-loading version or as a flat bottom machine and come in 4, 7, or 12 cubic foot capacity.

PDF Roto Gemini 4 Brochure (PDF - 199KB)

HR Series The HR Series bowl is built from a certified pressure vessel tank head, chosen for it's strength and integrity. 50% additional polyurethane lining in high wear areas. The urethane is cast, not sprayed. Cast polyurethane improves media rebound and provides more wear depth as well as adds to strength and adhesion.

PDF Roto HRSeries (PDF - 4.94MB)


Multi-Pass - Hammond Roto-Finish's Multi-Pass vibratory equipment offers continuous flow, minimal part on part contact and can be easily integrated with other high volume manufacturing processes.

PDF Roto Finish Multi-Pass Brochure (PDF - 125KB)


Combos - Hammond Roto-Finish's combo finishing vibratory bowls are designed to accomplish two processes at the same time. These bowls are most commonly used for deburring, burnishing, washing or polishing in the inner channel while simultaneously drying parts in the outer channel.

PDF Roto-Finish Combo Machine (PDF - 87.9KB)

Vibratron SVP Series Tub

Vibratron SVP Series Tub - Hammond Roto-Finish's SVP Tubs are portable deburring machines known for their dependable performance, competitive price, and versatility. Available in 2.5 or 5.0 cubic feet (as shown here) operating capacity, they can effectively perform metal finishing operations such as deburring, descaling, degreasing, cleaning, and removing flash.

PDF Roto Vibratron Finishing Equipment Brochure (PDF - 205KB)

Burr Bench Tub

Burr Bench Tub - Abrasive Finishing, Inc's Burr-Bench®, the first portable deburring machine, is known for its dependable, performance, competitive price, and versatility for handling a wide variety of metal finishing jobs ranging from coarse grinding to delicate polishing. Additionally, the Burr Bench can effectively perform metal finishing operations such as deburring, descaling, degreasing, cleaning, and removing flash. Available in 3/4, 2 1/2 and 5 cubic feet capacity.

PDF AFI's Burr Bench Series (PDF - 75.6KB)

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