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Grinding/Buffing/Polishing Equipment

CRW Finishing, Inc is a proud distributor Hammond-Roto Finish's and their line of OD Cylindrical, Flat Finishing, Grinding, Buffing, and Polishing Equipment. Call us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Hammond OD-2 Cylindrical Finishers

Hammond OD-2 Cylindrical Finishers are for outside diameter surface improvement of shafts, tubes, rods and other round parts. The OD-2 operates on the Centerless principle and is designed for simple set-up and operation. It's designed to Buff, Brush, or Polish using a wide variety of medias and features.

PDFHammond OD Finisher Brochure (PDF - 174KB)

Hammond Flat Finishers

Hammond Flat Finishers are designed to finish flat surfaces, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, mica, wood, carbon, and even paper. Using abrasive belts, wheels, or brushes, the Flat Finisher will accomplish stock removal, fine finishing, deburring, and scale or oxide removal.

PDF Flat Finisher Brochure (PDF - 2.43MB)


HAMMOND ROTO-FINISH FLAT FINISHER FF-12-1 is an industrial duty through feed finishing machine which can be used wet or dry. It is compliant with European standards and designed to the highest specification. Typical applications include deburring, commercial polishing and "graining" of materials.

PDF FF-12-1sFlatFinisher (PDF - 556KB)

Polishing and Buffing Lathes Polishing and Buffing Lathes - Set and variable spindle speed up to 20hp
Abrasive Belt Grinders Abrasive Belt Grinders - 1" - 18", Dry & Wet Process, Vertical and Horizontal

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