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Blasting Equipment

CRW Finishing, Inc is a proud distributor of Econoline Abrasive Products, Blast-it-All and Gibson Parts & Equipment for Abrasive Air Blasting and Abrasive Airless Blasting equipment.

Selecting the right equipment depends upon the size, shape, and volume of work to be blasted; the level of automation required and the desired surface finish.

Call CRW today to speak with one of our Technical Advisors to find a solution right for you.

Blasting Equipment


Abrasive Air Blasting is the process of propelling loose abrasive media with compressed air against a work surface. This process can be used for a wide range of applications including cleaning and, or shot degreasing, rust and scale removal, cosmetic finishing peening to improve fatigue life of a part. CRW offers a wide range of Air Blasting Equipment manufactured by Econoline Abrasive Products, and Blast-It-All including:

  • Suction and Pressure Blast Cabinets
  • Blast and Recovery Systems
  • Dust Collectors

PDF Econoline Abrasive Products-Full Line Catalog (PDF - 2.05MB)

PDF BIA Line Card (PDF - 465KB)

Blasting Equipment


Abrasive Airless Blasting is the process where shot, glass or other abrasive is thrown from a rapidly rotating wheel onto the work to be cleaned. The throwing action is achieved through a centrifugal force. This equipment is typically used for descaling, shot peening, deburring, or for the removal of sand, rust or paint. CRW offers a wide range of Airless Blasting Equipment manufactured by Gibson Parts and Equipment including:

PDF Gibson Tumble Blaster Brochure (PDF - 329KB)
PDF Gibson Table Blaster Brochure (PDF - 317KB)
PDF Gibson Hanger Blaster Brochure (PDF - 182KB)
PDF Gibson Spinner Blaster Brochure (PDF - 201KB)

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